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Predictable Revenue eBook Bundle

Learn the Sales Secrets of Silicon Valley

Save $24 on this award-winning sales PDF ebook bundle.

This is the 1st ever eBook Bundle designed exclusively for Sales Hackers.

Learn from the leading sales minds in tech, hear about their favorite tools, and steal their playbook for your business. This is ebook bundle will massively enhance your sales hacker knowledge. After reading these ebooks you will see what the next decade of sales will really look like.

This ebook bundle includes:

  • Predictable Revenue
  • Hacking Sales
  • Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales
  • Predictable Revenue #2 (coming in late 2015)
  • The New Predictable Revenue Decks 1-4

***Format for each book is PDF***

Predictable Revenue

By Aaron Ross

This is NOT another book about how to cold call or close deals. This is an entirely new kind of sales bible for CEOs, founders & sales VPs to help you build a sales machine with a proven framework. This amazon best selling ebook has become the bible for tech sales teams across the globe.

Hacking Sales

By Max Altschuler Founder and CEO of SalesHacker.com

As data & tech become cheaper to access, and more well-educated people choose career paths in sales: the world of sales is undergoing a massive transformation. In Hacking Sales, you'll learn how to build a fully streamlined sales engine using new technology built for salespeople along with innovative new techniques.

Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales ebook

By Steli Efti (Close.io Co-founder & CEO)

Everything you need to know about outbound sales for startups. Written by Steli Efti (Close.io Co-founder & CEO) who has helped more than 200 venture-backed startups to build & scale their sales processes. He has closed thousands of deals worth tens millions of dollars. Steli is a true sales champion and will show you the way young jedi.

Predictable Revenue eBook #2

Get exclusive early access to the sequel when it comes out. This is the most anticipated sales book in a decade. In 2015 Aaron Ross will change the sales game once again. The book is not out yet. You will get exclusive early access the minute it comes out. For now with purchase you will instantly receive 4 PDF presentations from Aaron highlighting the new content to be seen in PR #2.

Your Instructor

Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross of the award-winning, bestselling book Predictable Revenue, teaches companies how to double or triple revenue from new business. His framework was conceived at one of the most successful startup companies – Salesforce.com. In a few short years, use of Aaron's “Cold Calling 2.0″ framework helped increase Salesforce.com's recurring revenues by $100 million, and continues to help double their enterprise growth today.

A message from Aaron..."I'm a serial entrepreneur (a half dozen companies) and a corporate refugee…I spent 13 years in finance, software and venture capital. I had my share of “messes" and successes. I founded an award-winning internet company (LeaseExchange.com), raising $5 million, and then managed it to failure. I created a sales process and team at Salesforce.com that helped them add $100 million in revenues, and yet found the higher in the company I went, the more drama I encountered and the less happy I felt."

Class Curriculum

  Predictable Revenue
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  Hacking Sales
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  Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales
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Frequently Asked Questions

What format are the ebooks?
They are in PDF format.
How do I download the ebooks?

Once you get access to the ebooks you can download them as PDFs.

You should download them on your desktop machine.

Once you have the ebooks downloaded we recommend you add them to your Kindle or iBooks app.

See how to do that here

When will I receive Predictable Revenue #2?

Aaron Ross plans to finish the book in late 2015. You will receive exclusive early access. A PDF version on the ebook will be emailed to you as soon as it is ready.

The ebook viewing window is very small. How do I fix?

Assuming you are on your desktop machine...we recommend you refresh the page. That should solve the issue.

Who do I contact for issues?

Please email support@predictablerevenuebundle.com

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